The Importance of Local Missions

I have often heard the argument, “Why would I get involved with international missions when there is so much need locally? People here need Jesus too.”

I understand their point. People at home ABSOLUTELY need Jesus. That is made evident in new ways every day and local missions are a vital part of reaching the lost right here in Knoxville (or wherever your hometown may be).

Often when we hear the word “local” we only think of what is local to us (for obvious reasons). But what happens when the local church overseas is not equipped to reach their own community? When the Pastor of their church has not had the opportunity to receive biblical training and teaching?

We are each called to reach out to the lost and go to them but Jesus was specific when He said “Go into ALL the world” and, “Go and make disciples of ALL nations” (Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:19). So we, at One Vision International, will continue to do our part in making a way for our local disciples to reach ALL nations with the truth of the Gospel.

Coming up in October, we will do just that.

We will help host a Pastor’s Conference in Teresina, Brazil from October 22nd-27th. We are prayerfully expecting 200 Brazilian pastors and church leaders to attend. We are sending six American pastors to encourage, teach, and disciple Brazilian pastors in their ministries, their personal lives, and most importantly, that they may glorify God in all they do.

The goal is to invest in these pastors so that they can go back to their local churches better equipped to serve people, love people, and share the Good News with them.

This is discipleship…

…and this is our calling.

Each Monday, we will share prayer requests leading up to the conference and introduce you to a local pastor or church leader that will be impacted there.

Please join with us in prayer, join with us by giving, or join with us by writing a letter of encouragement that we can pass on to church leaders in Brazil.

We want to ensure that cost does not prevent Brazilian pastors from attending so we are assisting them with travel expenses (when necessary), feeding them, and providing admission free of charge. You can help a pastor attend this week long conference for $150.

Letters can be emailed to or mailed to P.O. Box 20608 Knoxville, TN 37940.

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