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Accessorize for Arcahaie

During the holidays, you often feel the pressure to get your friends and family thoughtful Christmas gifts, but you also want to give back to others in a meaningful way. Here is a way to do both!

Vi Bella is a great non-profit that strives to change the lives of women and their families all over the world. They employ women from several countries including Haiti, to make jewelry that is the sold in the US. The profits help these women to provide for their families and gives them a career that they can be proud of.

One Vision partners with Vi Bella each year to support women in Haiti. Vi Bella also has a location at our One Vision orphanage!

Here is how we can help them:

Select “Shop Now” and put great gifts in you shopping cart
When you are ready to checkout, enter Ambassador #1065
It will prompt you to give a party number. Enter #342
*This ensures that credit is given to One Vision

30% of the profits will come directly to One Vision but 100% of the profits benefit women around the world that are working to provide for their families.

Watch this video for more information about Vi Bella here.

Make sure your Christmas gifts make an impact this year by purchasing Vi Bella jewelry online from November 17th- December 15th! If you order in November, you also get free shipping!

Monday, November 17th, 2014

April Sewing Team

The Sewing team at One Vision has made several trips to Haiti with the goal of teaching the women and older girls at the Children’s Home to sew. The simple skill of sewing can be used to provide for a family when other job opportunities are slim. It also serves as a great avenue to get to know these women personally and share the love of Jesus Christ with them. As the team prepares for their next trip in April, they are in need of your help! Before they leave they need to collect the following materials:
-Lightweight Cotton Material
-T-shirts of all sizes, solid colors except white
-Sewing Machines (Singer Heavy Duty 4423)
If you have any of these materials or would be willing to purchase and donate them, please bring them to the OVI office before April 3rd. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help the women of Haiti!

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Vote for One Vision Today!

One Vision is participating in an exciting new Share the Vote Event, sponsored by Thrivent Financial. Thrivent has chosen 5 non-profits, including One Vision International to participate in a contest. They will distribute a $20,000 grant among each of the non-profits based on the percentage of votes received. Your vote will help determine how much of the grant is given to One Vision! This means the more people vote, the more money that One Vision will have to give to Haiti and the Dominican Republic! Voting opened August 12th and will close on August 31st. Each person can only vote once but please share the voting link with as many people as possible! You can also share the link on your Facebook and Twitter pages. We can not do this without your help and support and One Vision is so grateful for you.
When you click on the link below to vote you will be asked to enter information such as email, address, etc. Please understand that this information is ONLY used to track who is voting and will not be used or given out for solicitation purposes.
Vote Now by copying this link into your browser!

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Pencil Box Project

During the month of July, One Vision International is collecting pencil boxes filled with specific school items that will be given to the children in Haiti as well as the Dominican Republic when they start back to school in August. All donations will need to be collected by Wednesday, July 31.
Questions? Contact

How to pack my Pencil Box?

1. Purchase…

a. 1 plastic pencil box: 8 5/8” x 5 3/4” x 2 ½”
b. 1 package of stickers
c. 1 package of #2 yellow pencils
d. 1 pencil sharpener
e. 1 pack 24 crayons
f. 1 pack of colored pencils
g. 1 pair of scissors
h. 1 pack of glue sticks

2. Pack…

All items should fit within the plastic pencil box.

3. Send…

Drop off your pencil box at 3508 Maryville Pike, Knoxville TN 37920
Mail your pencil box to PO Box 20608, Knoxville, TN 37940

Monday, July 8th, 2013

May Medical Trip in Review

The May Medical Mission Trip was truly a trip blessed with God’s presence. We felt it in preparation and certainly every minute on this trip.

We held dental and medical clinics at the property, took updated photos of the kids and delivered a new pair of socks and tennis shoes to each child. Some of us even experienced a soccer match with another local orphanage at the property. The kids had fun and were surely worn out that evening while we served them dinner and celebrated a great day.

During our clinics we were able to lead a few people to Christ and definitely show his love for them by our hands, words and actions. There was bible storytelling, love and spiritual healing along with the medical and dental clinics on Monday.

Our team was filled with flexibility, exceptional patience and willingness to do anything for God. I gave quick and simple instruction on how to clean teeth and the team jumped in and did a fantastic job. The people at the property absolutely loved having someone take the time to clean, brush and polish their teeth and gums. Who knew such a small act would have such a big impact. Everyone was walking about the property smiling and showing off their clean teeth and fresh breath.

We were able to spend a lot of time with the kids at the orphanage this visit. We absolutely loved that, and I know the kids did. Each child was able to have a dental examination and a cleaning as well as a new pair of shoes. We even got to celebrate little Dylan’s 3rd birthday (son of Francisco and Cecile), “Spiderman” style.

This trip was filled with God putting people out of their comfort zone and they all did exceptional. We shared many emotional experiences with each other at debrief and a lot of tears were shed. Haiti couldn’t be more loved by this team and will be in our hearts forever. I am proud to have had such an easy and flexible team to lead on such an incredible trip and I thank God and One Vision for giving me the opportunity to represent both.
-Tracy Kote
Team Leader
Blount Community Church

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Sewing Trip

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime,” you get the idea of what we’ll be doing during our next trip to Haiti that leaves tomorrow. Just without the fish. Actually, it’s not about food at all… but sewing rather.

That’s right. Tomorrow, a team of 16 will leave for Haiti with the intentions of teaching a group of 18 girls in the art of sewing. It will be a short trip (they will return on Tuesday), but the skills that these girls will learn will benefit them the rest of their life. In the three classes (or “workshops”), they will learn the basics of sewing, how to make skirts and also how to make pillowcase dresses.

Special thanks to those of you that donated sewing supplies for the container that was sent last January. We’ll be using those supplies to conduct the classes during this trip.

Stay tuned for updates!

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Helping Haiti Series

Steve Phillips recently traveled to Haiti with John Miller for a closer look at the living conditions. Watch his three part series that showcases the work of One Vision International.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

DI Opening Ceremony

This past summer, Destination Imagination and the University of Tennessee sent backpacks and school supplies to Haiti through One Vision International.

The kids at our orphanage received over 15,000 lbs of school supplies collected at a Global Finals event in Knoxville. At this year’s opening ceremony, Destination Imagination asked John Miller to speak to over 17,000 attendees to thank them for their support.


While in Haiti, Destination Imagination participants carried out challenges with our kids at the orphanage. Each challenge encouraged groups to experience creativity, teamwork and problem solving — the same skills used in the Destination Imagination Global Finals.

Education is a key focus to our efforts in Haiti. One Vision looks forward to another DI group coming to the orphanage this summer. We want to continue to use Destination Imagination activities to help cultivate the imaginations of children in Haiti to encourage unique approaches to problem solving.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.” Psalm 23:5

January 4, 2012, I came to the Dominican Republic with a wonderful team of students led by Dr. Jung, of Samford University and Dr. Balentine. We set up clinics in three locations. One of those locations was in a church which is near the community of Las Carmelitas. From that community, a young woman, Indira, and her husband, Julio, visited the clinic. Indira came with huge ulcers on both legs and a small one on her hip. The one on her hip had been there only a couple weeks and has healed nicely, not so with the ones on her legs. She has had these ulcers for 11 years. She has had limited medical attention due to the lack of funds to pay. The ulcers go from her shin to the top of her feet and are void of any skin. Dr. Balentine treated her and asked that Claudia and I follow up the following week, which we did.

It was the follow up that has led from one great adventure with God to another. We began to treat her as the Holy Spirit led-seeking medical counsel from Dr. Ballentine, from St. Jude doctors, a wound care specialist from the Free Clinic in Knoxville, and Dr. Tom Kim of the Free Clinic and information from Mayo Clinic on line. God was leading all the way. A good treatment plan was started and she made rapid progress. Indira’s wounds are complicated by her Sickle Cell Anemia. She has been hospitalized twice in the last 12 weeks to be treated for that condition, for which there is no cure. She has received three blood transfusions. I know I am repeating some of this, but I want to bring this up-to-date as I share all that has grown out of a One Week Medical Mission Trip.

In my last post I covered her last hospitalization. Let me jump now to where we are in her treatment. About ten days ago, we were given an Rx for what we thought was for “orthopedic boots.” We went out to find the “boots.” At the last place, we were told to come back on Friday at 5 pm and that Indira would need to be with us. Well, on Fridays, we always go to the clinic for the doctor to change the bandage and check Indira’s progress. Folks, the joke is on us!!  Claudia mentioned the Rx to the doctor and that we were to go that afternoon to get the ‘boots’. He was quiet amused! The Rx was for “Bota Unna”. Bota is “boot”, but not the kind of boot one may think. Bota Unna is a new treatment he wanted to start and we would need to go to Santiago to get it! That afternoon when we arrived at the pharmacy we showed the pharmacist our Rx and saw the little packages we were to pick up. We had to laugh and so did the pharmacist. These are wads of very thin gauze saturated with a white cream and put in a small sack and tied. We were to get 8 of them. Earlier we thought the “8” on the Rx was her shoe size (lol)!!

The new treatment was started on this past Monday, March 26th. We went yesterday to change the bandage, which with this treatment; they are changed Monday and Friday at the clinic by the doctor and on Wednesday now by Claudia. The next step will be skin grafts.

Indira is still unable to walk … so she has been crawling on concrete floors. Edgard noted that we needed to find some knee pads. Okay, no problem. No, no, not so fast. We went on that excursion to no avail. Nothing medical here is easy or simple. Got to pray and laugh and keep moving. We purchased rubber pads, (much like what you put on the bottom of furniture) and tried our best to create some makeshift knee pads and tie them around her legs. After multiple attempts it still wasn’t working. As I continued to ask God to let us find some knee pads, the Holy Spirit said: Ace Bandages! We bought two elastic wraps (very similar to an Ace Bandage) and put those “rubber pads” in place and wrapped ‘em up! Her knees are padded and we are thanking Jesus. I did not come up with that on my own; it was just another example of God speaking and answering prayer. It works beautifully-prayer and the Ace Bandage! This is life in the Dominican Republic -and I love it!

DO NOT…hear me now; DO NOT minimize a short-term mission trip. From that one week trip in January, God has started a beautiful work in the community of Las Carmelitas! I have mentioned the Adult Bible Study held every Wednesday; that continues to grow both in numbers and enthusiasm. The Children’s ministry is just awesome! 30 or more kids every Saturday. Last week Edgard started teaching an Adult Bible Study while Claudia does the Children’s Ministry. The excitement of the adults and children is so beautiful!

We are not finished and neither is God! This coming week, Claudia will start an after-school program with 6 children. She has met with the mothers and these are children who are in school, but need extra help in learning to read and write. This is what is done at the other mission point three days a week with a large number of children. Anna, the Pastor’s wife and their daughter teach at that school. Materials have already been purchased and they are ready to begin on Thursday of next week.

That brings me to Wednesday, March 28. It has to be one of the most beautiful highlights of not just this trip, but of my life, excluding the moments I have watched people say yes to Jesus! We go for Bible Study each Wednesday at Indira’s. I rode the cycle with Julio as usual. Well, it was not “as usual.” He made at least three stops on the way-learned later-he was “killing time.” Things weren’t quiet ready. When we arrived, I notice a covering over the entrance to the outside built-on shelter to the house-where the new roof went on recently-made possible by generous donors to One Vision. I thought -How neat! Julio drove us all the way to the entrance and about that time, the cover-which was a sheet-flew open and I see all these people and hear the loud applause and my name: Joy-eece! I am still on the cycle and by now crying.

The kids stormed me with their hugs, kisses and laughing. The adults did the same. Claudia was snapping pictures and grinning from ear to ear. The place had been decorated from top to bottom and on all sides with balloons and streamers. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I am in tears as I type this. A chair – my “throne” was in front of a decorated table which held drinks, a beautiful cake, and some really good pastries similar to small fried pies. Claudia prayed, read scripture and said some very lovely things then opened it for others to speak. Some kids and adults alike spoke. It amazed me what they mentioned-especially the children. My dear friends, people are watching!!  What do they see? What a challenge to make sure they see Jesus! See His Light, His Joy! His hope! His Laughter! His Smile! His Touch!

I received some tangible gifts as well; beaded necklaces, a headband – all made by the individuals. I had already received a beautiful rug-(which is folded and packed for home) made by several of the folks there in royal blue and bright yellow. Indira gave me a beautiful blouse-very youthful and Dominican. She wanted me to put it on; I did and it fit perfectly-a God thing!! It is beautiful. I was then presented with a beautiful plaque which will have a very prominent place in my home. They know I will be back. I am scheduled to return the first week of August with another One Vision Medical team. Wonder who will be waiting for our follow-up from that trip. You can believe…God has a plan!

In July of this year, a Sports Evangelism team is coming from One Vision. They, like us, love sports, and especially basketball and baseball. The pastor at the other mission point plays basketball with the guys every Friday. Get your family involved in Missions. Be willing to say to God: Whenever, Wherever, Whatever. That is all I said-many years ago. How could I have known that in a few short years, I would have completed a two-year program to become a Certified Medical Assistant (at age 75), became a widow after 55 years being married to a godly man who loved me as Christ loves the church and cherished me more than anything or anyone in his life. Three months after having been carried by angel wings to the waiting arms of Jesus and His Celebration of Life service, God launched me on my first Medical Mission trip in January of 2011 and then two more that year only to return this January for three months.

Has it been an easy journey? Yes and No. Yes, just knowing you are in God’s will is a peace. No-the evil one, I believe works overtime on missionaries. You learn to recognize right away what is an attack and with prayer, praise and song you route him!! You must guard your tongue, your thoughts, your attitude, and your actions. You MUST stay in the Word and on your face on your knees before God! You must engage people at home like you to commit to faithfully pray. I have learned so much about living by faith and not by sight. I have learned so much about “Standing on the Promises of God” and about continuing to lean hard on Jesus. You laugh, you cry, you pray, you remain faithful and God does the rest. You love, you touch, and you engage all as Jesus did. You keep that foremost in your mind, how did Jesus respond? I have had to do business with God a few times (interpret –a few times- any way you wanna) in regard to attitude, fear and anxiety. Any of these the adversary tried to use to destroy the absolute peace I came here with and experienced every single day. My joy is full, my cup runneth over.

How about you? God calls us to: GIVE of our resources or of our poverty; He calls us to PRAY; He calls us to GO. You are called to one, two or all three of these. Say, “Yes, Lord, Yes!” Blessings abound!

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray. That makes you a very huge part of all God is doing in the Dominican Republic.


Still on adventure with God -soon to be back in Knoxville -I will miss my cycle rides.

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Ceaseless Opportunities

Greetings in the sweet name of Jesus! A lot has happened since I wrote last. In case you haven’t noticed, everyday on the field is different. God is Sovereign and we try to stay tuned to His plans for us daily.

We have had great times with the children at the mission post of Las Guaranas. We have been having a Bible Story following the children’s school work at the literacy center. I have prepared these Bible stories and have been so excited about them. It never ceases to amaze me as to what we can do when God gives us a task. He has equipped us to do whatever He calls us to do. Remember that and no excuses.

A couple of weeks ago we were called to the ER at the local Government hospital. Little Ruthie, the 11 year old special needs daughter of Indira and Julio was there due to some seizures and irregular heart rhythms. After we prayed with Ruthie and her family I kept noticing that the lady next to her kept looking at us. I asked her if she wanted us to pray with her and she said yes. I prayed and Edgard interpreted As soon as we finished the prayer I asked her if she is a Christian. The answer was “No.” I gave her the plan of salvation through Edgard and she made a decision right then and there – a new sister born into the Kingdom! Thank you, Jesus! We were both in tears as we hugged. She was real happy when I told her we were now sisters and I would see her in heaven. One of Indira and Julio’s neighbors gave her a Gideon New Testament. She can’t read, but said her young daughter would read it to her. We beheld the glory of God as the darkness left her eyes and the light of Jesus shone through. There seemed to be a need for others to be prayed for, so we asked and we prayed with them. I just praise God for every opportunity.

It is rare day that I do not give out tracts. They have been scattered all over this city with the cycle drivers, taxi drivers, people on the vans, ER and clinic waiting rooms, cafeterias, grocery stores, pharmacies-wherever we happen to be. Julio asked for some the other day, so now he is handing them out. Glory!!

The Bible Study we host in Julio and Indira’s community continues to grow-having started with five, it has grown to thirteen. The exciting aspect there is that we are reaching some men and they are excited to receive a Bible of their own. Claudia did a study on Religion vs. Salvation. She had some good illustrations, pictures, etc. and in closing, she asked those who were ready to experience salvation-the real thing-to be a Christian and not “just religious”, all of them made a commitment. She has now started a Discipleship study. We had a study guide printed so that each of them will have their own copy. These dear people seem eager to study the Word and there is always plenty of discussion. We can see a church being planted there in the future.

The Children’s Ministry at Julio and Indira’s home is also growing. It is amazing to me the interest of so many of the adults in the Children’s Bible Stories. I think it is neat to see the adults coloring the pictures right along with the children. One day, Claudia brought balloons and she made animals, and whatever else the kids wanted. They loved it! That day, counting the adults, we had over 40 people! Glory to our Great God!

I continue to change the bandages on Indira’s legs. After having much lab work and seeing three doctors she was admitted to a clinic. She has undergone a second blood transfusion, apparently due to her sickle cell anemia. She also developed an infection in the ulcers on her legs. She had several surgical procedures in a week’s time and the surgeon has prescribed lots of medications to help with the healing. We really like her surgeon and he is a Christian and seems to be genuinely concerned and shows compassion. He has mentioned the need for skin grafts. Please continue to pray for her healing. Also, keep in mind that all of this medical care is made possible through One Vision International ministries and if any of you so desire, donations for her medical care are needed. Just designate your donation for the medical expenses of Indira & family. Thank you in advance for your love, care, prayers and donations.

God opens doors for witnessing for each of us-whether in the Dominican Republic or Knoxville. While Julio, his younger daughter, a young man named Tonny, who is Julio’s neighbor, and I sat in the waiting room during Indira’s surgery, Julio asked me to lead in some Bible reading. Keep in mind-Julio speaks little English, and I speak less Spanish. Claudia, our interpreter, could not be there. I have a Bible in both English and Spanish, and Julio had his Spanish Bible. I began to turn to different scriptures for him to read. Julio had the Tonny read some verses as well. I made sure we read all the scriptures on salvation and living a godly life, the Fruit of the Spirit and such. After all the reading I asked Tonny (in Spanish) if he were a Christian. His answer: “Uh-um just so-so.” I said: No -”so-so.” It is either “Si Senor (Yes, Lord) or No, Senor–No so-so.” I turned him over to Julio and he spoke most earnestly with him and then we prayed. I told Julio to ask if he had a Bible-he did not, so I told him we would bring him one. Later that week we gave Tonny a Bible. I wrote his name and mine in the Bible and wrote “Read Daily”. He was pleased and smiled really big. I told him that I want him to become a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and live for Him and that I want to see him in heaven. He kept smiling and hugged me a lot. He will come to know Jesus!! Thank you, Father. Pray for Tonny.

Thank you for your continued prayers. I will write once more before returning home on March 31.

-The cycle ridin’ missionary to the Dominican Republic and loving it.

Sunday, March 18th, 2012