The Universal Love of God

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In 2016, I had the opportunity to travel with One Vision to Piripiri, Brazil, where a new church was being planted. Our main purpose for going was to host a VBS and we went from school to school to share our testimonies with the kids and invite them to the event. Ultimately, we were able to use this time to introduce the community to this new church.

One of the things that struck me about this small community was how almost competitive it felt because of its predominately Catholic tradition. Instead of churches working together for the promotion of the gospel, it felt like every man for himself. Few churches were setting the example of Christ for the people of Piripiri, which is why it's so critical to continue ministering to them. Coming back from this trip, it really put everything into perspective. I can see the blessings that we have here which we so often take for granted. People in places like Piripiri go without many of the conveniences we have, yet they live their lives with such joy and intention. It shows me the trap of materialism that we so often fall into and that robs us of the necessity of true dependency on Christ. Going to Brazil helped me to change the lens through which I view Christ and to focus in on his calling.

I have the blessing of sponsoring two children through One Vision. This opportunity is so special to me because it allows us to have a personal connection with specific children in these communities of Brazil and the DR. I love that we get updates on how the children are doing and that I have a picture of each of my children hung up in my house. I just feel so connected to these kids, as if they're truly a part of my family. It's such a rewarding experience to have a direct impact on a specific life. Sadly, I haven't gotten the chance to meet my sponsor kids yet, but I'm hoping to go next year to do exactly that!

Through sponsoring two children, God has shown me how universal his love is. I feel like it sometimes gets lost in all the blessings that we experience here, but it's overwhelming to see his grace and mercy overflowing for these children. I get emotional just thinking about how much he's working in the lives of people who truly need it. 

To me, One Vision is truly an organization that is different. They focus on developing long-term relationships in order to make a long-term impact in the communities in which they work. This is so crucial, especially considering how many organizations apply a one-and-done mentality to their trips. I can especially see this in the Seed Project, One Vision's sponsorship program in Brazil. The Seed Project primarily works in the lives of the children in the sponsorship program, but it also uses the children to reach their own parents and bring them into a relationship where they'll be exposed to the love of Christ daily. 

- Sherry Bryan

Lets Get Intentional

Lets Get Intentional

Every Christian knows that scripture tells us to share the Gospel with the world. Most Christians want to do this, but few are actually going into their communities to do it. However, if you ask a believer what exactly that conversation looks like you may get varying answers and tentative responses. Especially if you are sharing the Gospel within a different culture with a language barrier!

Hurricane Maria Relief

We Need Your Help!


"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ."
Galatians 6:2

Dear Friends, 

I am writing to you from the team house in La Vega, Dominican Republic. We are incredibly grateful that the Lord led the eye of Hurricane Maria north of the DR last week. We experienced a lot of heavy rain and some strong winds, but praise God, our friends and staff in La Vega and surrounding areas are safe and well! 

Despite the redirection of the hurricane, many towns in the DR have been greatly affected by floods due to the rain that the storm brought to the area. Our friend, Pastor Ignacio, has 6 families in his congregation in San Francisco de Macorís that have been personally affected by these floods. Their homes have been flooded and many of them have lost almost everything in their homes.

We want to be the church to these dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Our goal is to provide some necessities for each of the 6 families in Pastor Ignacio's church that have been affected by these floods. 

The needs that Pastor Ignacio has expressed to us include blankets, sheets, towels, children's clothes, adult clothes, and mattresses for them to sleep on. 

Please prayerfully consider giving to help us carry some of the burden of our brothers and sisters in San Francisco de Macorís. Thank you in advance for your generosity! 

In Him, 

Abbey Golden

To Give:

Use Designation - "Hurricane Maria Relief"

Mail checks to: 2915 Alcoa Highway, Knoxville, TN 37920

Make payment by phone at: (865) 579-3353

Give online:

Dominican Republic House Project

Diana, Soribel, Sollangy, Danibel, & Danilsa-these are the five names of girls living in the community of Carrera de Palma with their mother, Sobeida. The four oldest children attend our sponsorship program and have since the beginning, or since they were old enough. Sobeida is a single mom who works hard to provide for her daughters. She recently lost her job and their home. Right now they are living on property that a lady from the community is allowing them to use. The community has rallied around Sobeida and her children to help them the best they can. BUT THEY NEED OUR HELP!

They need basic things like a decent roof that provides shelter during the rain, a bathroom, and walls that are sturdy. The community has done all they can to help this family, and we feel that God has asked us to come alongside them and provide what we can. All of the work will be done by Dominicans which will provide temporary jobs for the men in the community.

In order to help this family, we need to raise $3,300.00. That is just 33 families giving $100. Will you consider giving? Can’t give $100? That’s okay! Give what you can. No amount is too small. Every dollar helps and 100% of your donation will go towards this family and helping to make their home safe for them to live in!

As we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas- that God sent his only son Jesus to dwell among us and ultimately pay the penalty for our sins- let us remember that we are called to bring hope to the hopeless and be a light in the darkness. I can’t think of a better way to do this than to help provide this family with a safe place to live. Remember all gifts are tax-deductible!

The Importance of Local Missions

I have often heard the argument, “Why would I get involved with international missions when there is so much need locally? People here need Jesus too.”

I understand their point. People at home ABSOLUTELY need Jesus. That is made evident in new ways every day and local missions are a vital part of reaching the lost right here in Knoxville (or wherever your hometown may be).

Often when we hear the word “local” we only think of what is local to us (for obvious reasons). But what happens when the local church overseas is not equipped to reach their own community? When the Pastor of their church has not had the opportunity to receive biblical training and teaching?

We are each called to reach out to the lost and go to them but Jesus was specific when He said “Go into ALL the world” and, “Go and make disciples of ALL nations” (Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:19). So we, at One Vision International, will continue to do our part in making a way for our local disciples to reach ALL nations with the truth of the Gospel.

Coming up in October, we will do just that.

We will help host a Pastor’s Conference in Teresina, Brazil from October 22nd-27th. We are prayerfully expecting 200 Brazilian pastors and church leaders to attend. We are sending six American pastors to encourage, teach, and disciple Brazilian pastors in their ministries, their personal lives, and most importantly, that they may glorify God in all they do.

The goal is to invest in these pastors so that they can go back to their local churches better equipped to serve people, love people, and share the Good News with them.

This is discipleship…

…and this is our calling.

Each Monday, we will share prayer requests leading up to the conference and introduce you to a local pastor or church leader that will be impacted there.

Please join with us in prayer, join with us by giving, or join with us by writing a letter of encouragement that we can pass on to church leaders in Brazil.

We want to ensure that cost does not prevent Brazilian pastors from attending so we are assisting them with travel expenses (when necessary), feeding them, and providing admission free of charge. You can help a pastor attend this week long conference for $150.

Letters can be emailed to or mailed to P.O. Box 20608 Knoxville, TN 37940.

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