By partnering with locals in ministry, we learn, grow and work towards a more hopeful future. We do not exist to fix people, situations or problems. We come alongside and jointly seek the spirit of Jesus.

A Full Time Investment

There is no lack of sincere effort in doing missions worldwide. However, many current methods of short-term missions are largely ineffective. Most are seeking to treat the symptoms of poverty as opposed to the root of the problems, and they are not willing to truly invest in those they serve.

When the 'rich' minister to the 'poor,' the 'poor' must see that the 'rich' are not afraid to invest in them. Anything less is self-serving.

It is through authentic relationships that the gospel reaches into the hearts of those we serve. One Vision looks not only to assist with material things, but also to empower the local communities to make a difference in their own lives. We believe that God has called us to teach and enable local people to lead their people in their own customs.

The greatest success story will be when the local church can take over a project for themselves. One Vision considers our mission efforts to be like training wheels on a bike. Training wheels lend support until the rider can make it on their own. We will then transfer our training wheels to another "bike," or mission’s project. This will allow the indigenous people to take pride in knowing that they are lifting themselves up, rather than depending on others.

The Short Term Impact

At the same time, while helping transform a community by sharing the gospel, we understand the huge impact short term missions can have on a trip participant’s life. Recognizing that a mission trip can change the life of a team member as well as build a lasting relationship with an indigenous person, is part of the reason we exist.

Often times, those of us from a developed country can become too focused on our own lives and forget the great commission that God has called us to. Exposure to a different people group, culture, language, food, and customs, will help us learn how to get out of our comfort zone and enable us to mature spiritually as God is calling us to do.

We help mobilize individuals by organizing, facilitating, and leading short-term mission’s trips. We strive to make it as easy as possible to get started in overseas missions work.