Established in 2005, One Vision is a nonprofit organization that extends aid and support to seemingly forgotten areas of the world. Are you ready to put your faith to action? 

Actions Speak

We desperately want to do everything we can to help those in needs who are overlooked, abandoned and have no hope in our current, physical world. Just as importantly, we want to mobilize believers to activate an army of hope to minister to those in need. We know those who give the most, will receive much more. 

Most of the areas we serve suffer from extreme poverty. Poverty is one of the greatest tools for hindering the spread of the Gospel of Christ. More often, people in a developed country explain poverty as the lack of food, clothing, shelter, or medicine – whereas the poor themselves typically talk in terms of shame, inferiority, powerlessness, fear, depression, and having no voice.
When Helping Hurts

Through various projects, the goal of One Vision International is to meet immediate physical needs to win a hearing to present the Gospel. It is difficult for us to expect a lost person to listen to us, when they have no food or water, have medical needs that cannot wait, or are orphaned and afraid. One Vision International has set programs in place that will not only treat the symptoms of these immediate physical needs, but will also help alleviate the poverty in a given area.  

I can say with all sincerity that the trip I went on to the Dominican Republic had more impact on my faith and helping me find my purpose and direction than anything else in my life to this point. I have always had faith, but I have never had an opportunity so great and profound to live that faith. The opportunity of service presented to us on this trip is one of the most moving things I have ever done. Our tool on this trip was medicine and it was absolutely incredible to see people healed both physically and spiritually in one sitting.
— Cody Russell, Samford University / Dominican Republic

What We Have Achieved

  • One Vision has provided discipleship training to over 300 individuals in the DR and Brazil through annual conferences.
  • We have helped create jobs for women in the Dominican Republic through our sewing project. The project has now grown into a second location in La Vega, DR.
  • In many of these countries, we have supported several mission starts and church plants, as well as provided funds, manpower and other resources to help establish a faith-based mechanism for community outreach.
  • Through the work of our trip participants, One Vision is responsible for a host of projects that have contributed to the overall health and well-being of the poor and needy.
  • In concert with indigenous groups, One Vision has constructed 26 church buildings from the ground up, hosted 20 medical and dental consultations, built 5 wells for clean drinking water, as well as numerous other programs designed to benefit local communities.
  • From January of 2009 - April 2014, we supported over 125 children in Haiti, 74 of which are currently living at the orphanage One Vision built in Arcahaie. 
  • In 2009, One Vision established a local charter in Haiti that is officially recognized by the government as a nongovernmental organization (NGO).
  • Currently, over 1,100 people in towns and cities throughout Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, as well as Brazil and the Dominican Republic, have donated to One Vision.
  • 46 businesses, 15 churches and 4 schools have partnered with One Vision, providing financial support, trip participants and in-kind contributions. 
  • One Vision has been featured in several news articles, including WBIR, WATE, Life 88.3FM, The Knoxville News Sentinel, The Knoxville Journal, The Daily Times, Tri-County News, Pickett County Press, The Journal Times in Racine, Wisconsin and The Daily Beacon.