Your past. Their present. Our futures.

Our goal is to encourage others to serve the less fortunate. Your individual story can be used to make a difference and encourage someone overseas. We are humbled by individuals who share their gifts, talents and resources to accomplish our mission. Learn more about ways to get involved that fit you.  

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Dominican Republic               February 18th - 24th - Medical

Brazil                                       March 8th - 17th - Men's Discipleship

Dominican Republic               March 22nd - 27th - Sewing

Brazil                                      May 24th - June 2nd - Pastor's Conference

Dominican Republic              June 7th - 12th - Baseball

Dominican Republic              July 8th - 13th - Sponsorship

Brazil                                       August 3rd - 13th - Medical

Dominican Republic               September 6th - 11th - Marriage Conference

Dominican Republic               September 27th - October 2nd - Sewing

Brazil                                      October 4th - 13th - Building

Dominican Republic               October 25th - 30th - Medical

*Other trips may be added to the schedule as the year progresses. If you have a particular skill or interest that is not listed above, feel free to contact our office at 865-579-3353 or

My life has changed in so many ways, ones I never imagined, since I started traveling with One Vision. I always “knew” of the need and was very sensitive when I saw it, but had rarely acted due to fear of being uncomfortable. It breaks my heart that so many don’t know that they are loved and have value and that is why I am obedient to the Lord’s will to make a difference in the lives of others and give them hope. I am so grateful for One Vision for their mission and dedication to caring for others in need, physically and spiritually.
— Tracy Kote / Haiti