La Vega, Dominican Republic
We partner with Dominican local churches and believers to meet physical and spiritual needs through discipleship, education, job training and medical clinics.

Middle East Refugee Assistance
Refugees are relocating their lives in order to escape violence and an uncertain future. We're primarily working to send medical supplies to clinics and hospitals so they are equipped to treat their people.

Piaui, Brazil
For over 10 years, we have worked in Brazil. We partner with Brazilian believers and missionaries. Through the local community, church plants are growing.

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Where We Have Worked Around the World


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Building Haiti Orphanage Completion

For over five years, hundreds of people played a role in helping Haiti through One Vision. We began our journey by rescuing a large group of children from an abandoned night club and relocating them three separate times over the years. Today they are being well cared for, educated and have moved into the new, permanent home.

Over $2.5 million dollars was invested in the lives of 82 children before, during and after Haiti's earthquake. Since 2009, we diligently fulfilled the role of primary support to the Haitian staff and the children. Many of you have traveled to help teach trades such as sewing and carpentry, provided medical and dental care and introduced the children to Jesus.

Katelyn’s Fund, who specializes in orphan care and orphan advocacy, will take a more hands-on role with the Haitian mothers and staff and advise on long-term care for the children. This will allow greater independence for Haiti, and help to encourage collaboration from other Haitians. We are currently not affiliated with One Vision Haiti.

Missions is like scaffolding that is used to erect a building. It is temporary to lend support until the structure can stand on it’s own. Then it is pulled away and moved to another location where it is needed.
— Steve Saint, The Great Omission