Our Child Sponsorship Program

As a sponsor, you have an irreplaceable part in supporting impoverished children overseas. The money you give each month will provide a safe environment where each child's spiritual needs are being met along with their educational, emotional and physical needs. Beyond educating and strengthening a community that suffers from poverty, our hope is to lead children to the saving knowledge of Jesus by loving and encouraging them and through a solid Biblical foundation. 

A child sponsorship is $25 per month. Your donation will go directly towards education, uniforms, tutoring, meals and an annual medical check-up for your child. You also have the opportunity to correspond with your child to provide encouragement and support. You will receive two updates each year and are encouraged to send letters to the child you sponsor. Updates will include information about your specific sponsored child and one updated picture per year.


Sending Letters and Gifts

We would love for you to correspond with your sponsored child!

We encourage you to write as many letters to your sponsored child as you would like. Even if you are not a child sponsor, you are welcome to write letters to the children in the Dominican Republic and/or Brazil. The children love receiving mail with updates and encouragement from their sponsors. Feel free to include pictures of yourself, your family, stickers, or bookmarks. If it can fit inside the letter, it can be sent.

Be sure to include your child’s name and personal ID number on the outside of the envelope. Also, include your complete return address and contact information. Please write legibly and avoid using any slang words or phrases that may not translate well. Also, please avoid making promises to your sponsored child. While your intentions are good, situations can always change and we do not want to leave a child disappointed.

You can mail a letter to:
One Vision International
Child Sponsorship
P.O. Box 20608
Knoxville, TN 37940

You can email your letter to:

You can drop off letters and packages to:
2915 Alcoa Highway
Knoxville, TN 3792

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
A. Sponsorship of a child is $25 a month/$300 a year

Q. Where does my money go?
A. 100 percent of your money goes to provide support to the children in the Dominican or Brazilian community that One Vision International serves.

Q. When do I send my money?
A. Your sponsorship begins the moment you sign up! We ask that you make regular monthly payments to help ensure that One Vision is able to continue to meet the daily needs of our children.

Q. Where do I send my money?
A. Please make checks payable to One Vision International and include your child ID # in the memo section of your check. Mail payments to the following address:

One Vision International
Attention: Child Sponsorship
P.O. Box 20608
Knoxville, TN 37940

Q. Can I set-up an Electronic Fund Transfer?
A. Yes! Your contribution is more effective when it arrives on time each month. You may contact our office at (865) 579-3353 or info@onevisionintl.org to set up your payment today!

Q. Will I receive a monthly reminder?
A. You will not receive a monthly reminder.

Q. How long is my commitment for sponsorship?
A. One Vision offers you the opportunity to remain a sponsor for a number of years. You have a unique opportunity to build a relationship with your child by encouraging them, providing financially for their needs and praying for them daily. Your Sponsorship will not end until you notify the One Vision office that you would no longer like to be a sponsor. We encourage you to consider making at least a (1) one year commitment.

A sponsored child’s individual circumstances may also change. A child may leave the program because his/her family has moved and is therefore no longer a part of the sponsorship program. In this case, One Vision will notify you and your sponsorship will transfer to a new child.

Q. What happens if I must discontinue my sponsorship?
A. If your circumstances change and you can no longer provide financial support to your sponsored child, we understand. All we ask is that you please let us know with a courtesy phone call, email or letter. We can then respond quickly to find another sponsor.

Q. Why is my pledge commitment less the first year?
A. One Vision operates on a calendar year. The Child Sponsor program is $25 a month/$300 a year. If you begin your sponsorship on or after Jan. 15th your pledge amount is prorated for the remaining months of that year. Your sponsorship will automatically begin again on January 1 of the following year.

Q. Can I write letters to my child?
A. Yes! We strongly encourage each sponsor to write to their child often. Our teams traveling to the Dominican Republic or Brazil will deliver the letters. Also, the children always enjoy seeing a photo of their sponsor, so please feel free to include pictures as well.

Q. Will my child write back to me?
A. Yes! If your sponsor child is too young or still learning how to write, they will draw you a picture.

Q. Can I send my child gifts?
A. Dominican Republic Sponsors: Your sponsorship donation provides a birthday gift and a Christmas gift each year. In May, you will be able to donate one item that will help your child attend school. You will receive more specific information about that item each year.

A. Brazil Sponsors: Your sponsorship donation provides a birthday gift each year that will be purchased by the Brazilian staff. You will receive information about that gift each year that you are a sponsor.

Q. Am I the only person who sponsors this child?
A. Yes.

Q. Will I be able to meet my child?
A. We would love for you to meet your child! We encourage you to join us on a trip to the Dominican Republic or Brazil so you can unite with your child and be able to see how God has blessed them through your sponsorship. Contact our office to learn more about our trips.

Q. How often will I be updated on my child?
A. You will receive a Child Sponsor update once a year with an updated photo of your child. You will also receive monthly email updates about the children's program and the community where your child lives.

Q. How else can I help?
A. Pray every day for your child and donate to One Vision when specific items are needed! You can also become an advocate for One Vision and the Child Sponsor program. You may request Child Sponsor information to pass out to your friends and family and encourage them to join you in changing the lives of children in the Dominican Republic and/or Brazil!

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?
A: Yes, your contributions to One Vision International are fully tax deductible. You will receive a year end contribution statement for your tax records.

Our children love writing to and receiving letters from their pen pals! It has been a very personal experience for our family. They have pictures and letters from our sponsor children by their beds to remind them to pray for their friends every night. The letters we write and receive are great opportunities to discuss the importance of praying and having concern for others. We had been sponsoring a child from Haiti, but he relocated after the hurricane. Our son cried and continued to pray for him. When he asked to sponsor another child, we knew the program was having a positive effect on our family.
— Wendy Chambers / Brazil Child Sponsorship