If your like me... you can't pronounce the title of this post much less know what it means. Chikungunya (pronounced chik-en-gun-ye) is a virus that is quickly spreading around Haiti. It is carried by mosquitoes and cases are multiplying left and right. The staff at the Children's Home is working hard to keep all of our children safe from this virus but it is a daunting task. (Imagine trying to keep almost 70 children sprayed with bug spray from head to toe all day long! Parents...I'm sure you can sympathize)

Despite our best efforts, several of the children have contracted the virus and are being treated. Please keep ALL of the children in your prayers as this virus is particularly painful and causes high fevers. As you pray for the children in the One Vision Home, also pray for the doctors and nurses treating this disease. Pray that they be granted wisdom and the ability to teach others how to protect themselves.


Lastly, pray for Job. Out of all the children, he has struggled the most with high fevers and dehydration. He is receiving the best treatment possible but consistent prayer has proven to be the strongest medicine. For those of you who know Job, you know he has overcome medical obstacles before and we pray that God will deliver him from illness again.

Thank you for being such faithful prayer warriors for these children! Please share this with others who can join us in prayer.