Beauty From Ashes

Some of our good friends, Stephanie and Rod McMahan, have a great business. They were able to combine their passions, hobbies, and skills to create Beauty from Ashes. They take used household items, that most would discard, and turn them into beautiful pieces of art. Not only is this a great idea, it is a picture of how the Lord sees His children. The world first notices our flaws and is quick to dismiss us. However, God holds us in His hands and molds us into beautiful creations. Each one unique and special. They also use the proceeds from this business for a special cause. Stephanie has used Beauty from Ashes to fund her trips to Haiti through One Vision. There she shares her passion with women by teaching them to sew. They can use this valuable skill to make clothing for their own families and also as a potential career in their communities.

Another great example of faithfulness. If God is calling you to missions, do not let funding be the deciding factor. If he sends you, he will also provide for you. Through friends, family, or even a skill you already have. If you would be interested in taking a trip with Stephanie, or are interested in being involved in missions in general please contact the office at 865-579-3353. We are happy to answer any questions and offer encouragement.

Check out Rod and Stephanie's story here: from Ashes