Lets Get Intentional

Every Christian knows that scripture tells us to share the Gospel with the world. Most Christians want to do this, but few are actually going into their communities to do it. However, if you ask a believer what exactly that conversation looks like you may get varying answers and tentative responses. Especially if you are sharing the Gospel within a different culture with a language barrier!

A couple weeks ago, our staff attended a training at First Baptist Woodstock for The Great Comission Initiative (GCI). It is not a new method or program. It is simply a very practical way to CARE for people through prayer, SHARE the Gospel using your testimony and Jesus's example, GROW new believers through discipleship, and GATHER these new Christians into a community of believers. 

It is the most straight forward way that I have ever seen the Gospel presented and it helps to create disciples that are equipped to immediately begin making other disciples. In 2018, we plan to incorporate what we learned for each of our trips overseas. Our goal is to show our missionaries overseas what this looks like, and also each trip participant that travels with us. 

The best part is that in order for this to be effective, we as a staff, have to begin implementing this right here in Knoxville. In our own lives. In our own communities. That way we can teach through experience and obedience rather than from knowledge. This will help each trip overseas to be less focused on the "project" we are doing, and more focused on the people that need the Holy Spirit. It brings intentionality to every prayer and conversation when they are grounded in scripture and the example Jesus set for us. 

We are excited to see the Lord work this year and we are excited to show you what this looks like put into action!

If you want more specific information for your self, or maybe even your church click the link below.