Team Insights

Ben Golden has travelled with One Vision on several occasions. We have been blessed by the opportunity to get to know him, his heart for the Lord, and his passion for missions. Last month he joined us on our first trip back to Brazil in five years. When asked to summarize the trip, this was his answer: photo 1 (2)

"By spending a brief yet immersing 8 days in Brazil, I developed a new appreciation for community and fellowship. I learned so much from the local Believers about what it truly means to live out the Great Commission and share the love of Jesus. Going into this trip, I wanted to expect nothing and experience everything. As far as the country of Brazil, I enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather, the unlimited tropical fruit, the beach, and the overall laid back atmosphere. My two main takeaways from the trip revolved around the relationships built and the type of work we did. As the week unfolded, I really enjoyed getting to know my teammates and seeing how God had purposefully placed this team together. From the start, we were shown incredible hospitality and love from Pastor Florencio and his family, and everyone else involved in our stay. We built genuine friendships even with language barrier challenges, and this had such an impact on me.  Taking part in the construction of the church and attending the evening church services was the perfect blend. The mixture created such a visual, knowing that the building structure would be a continual gathering place for local Believers. I look forward to being a part of these gatherings on my next journey to Brazil with One Vision."

20150819_205133 photo 2 (2)

Ben has already committed to go back to Brazil in 2016. If you have questions about how you can join him on his trip or would like to know more about how God is touching the lives of people in Brazil, email for more information.