Sole Searching

Meet Hannah Zweifel.....she may be small, but her heart is larger than mine.


When I was seven I was collecting toys, playing with friends, and primarily worried about...well....myself. This year for her birthday Hannah asked her mom if she could do something a little different. Instead of asking others to bring her birthday gifts, she wanted her friends and family to help her collect shoes for the children in Haiti. 

But she didn't stop there. She went to her school and got permission to host a shoe drive so other students could donate shoes too!


In one week she was able to collect 108 pairs of shoes. That's almost enough for every child in the One Vision Home to have TWO pairs of new shoes!! Hannah and her mom called the project "Sole Searching".



When asked why she wanted to do this, here was her response...


"I wanted to do the shoe drive because I wanted to help the world in all different ways. And I learned how to help Haiti in church. On my 7th birthday I didn't want any presents because I wanted shoes for Haiti . And I'm sorry because of the earthquake that took their families. I hope they're happy because they have new shoes."

Do you have Hannah's faithfulness, kindness, and servant's heart?

Do I?

It's a question to ask yourself and something to strive towards daily. You don't wake up one morning and decide to answer God's calling for your life. Following Christ is a DAILY, if not moment by moment decision, and just like Hannah, One Vision works to continually be obedient.

It doesn't take an impressive resume, large amounts of money, or any special skill sets to serve others. If you have a passion to help those in need you are fully equipped to serve on the mission field. Whether your mission field is your neighborhood, or half way across the world......YOU have been called by your Savior to serve.