Help Them Learn

In the Dominican Republic, school is relatively similar. Children come in the mornings to learn math, writing, reading, and history. However, one difference the children in the after-school program face is that they are not allowed to attend school in their area unless they have a uniform.

This may seem reasonable considering a uniform calls for khaki pants, a light blue button down shirt, and black closed-toe shoes (any stye). Easy enough right?


Unfortunately not. Often families can not afford these basic items and suddenly a simple school uniform is the only thing standing in between a child staying at home or receiving an education. 

We have been collecting uniforms for the children in the after school program but we are asking for one last push! If you are able to purchase a school uniform for a child please contact Emily Lee at She will send you sizes for a specific child.

Don't have time to go shopping? We understand! (Some days you feel lucky to have enough time to sit down for a meal) We can purchase the uniform for you if you are willing to donate $40 and write "school uniform" in the memo line.

We can not thank you enough for helping our kids go to school!