August Bible Drive


If I went home right now I could probably find at least 5 different versions of the Bible sitting on end tables, shelves, or bookcases. You may be able to find several copies in your own home. However, many people in Haiti, and all over the world, are not able to have even one Bible to call their own. During the month of August, One Vision International will be hosting a Bible Drive. We want to ensure that each child and staff member at the OVI Children's Home in Haiti has their own copy of God's Word. We have found children's picture Bibles, and regular Bibles, written in Haitian Creole for $10. If you would like to purchase a Bible for a child or staff member please send $10 to the OVI office along with a picture of yourself. We will write your name in the dedication line in the front of your Bible and tape your picture to the inside cover. This gives the child an opportunity to see who gave them God's Word and allows them to pray for you specifically as you pray for them.

If you would like your Bible to go to a specific child or adult just indicate that when you send $10. If that child or staff member has already been chosen, you will be assigned another child and notified of the change.

Purchasing a Bible may seem like a simple act but it is a dream for many believers around the world. For some, it is a dream that will never come true due to persecution in their home countries. Haiti_Kidz (175) Realize what a blessing and privilege it is to read God's Word and help us share it with the children and staff in Haiti!